New PhD paper - Pairwise differences in photosynthetic activity

I can now happily announce that the first chapter of my PhD has been accepted and is going to be published in the Journal Ecography. In this piece I investigated whether pairwise compositional differences between species assemblages (so in the identity and amount of species found in a given place and time) can be explained by a dissimilarity in remotely-sensed vegetation index.

Introduction to Google Earth Engine

In a previous post, I gave a brief introduction how to use google cloud compute to kickstart your cloud computing experience. While it is possible to run large spatial operations on google cloud compute, it is quite time-consuming to set up all the routines to load and process geospatial data.

PhD research image prize

I won a prize :-) In this years Festival of Doctoral research at the University of Sussex I won the runner-up prize for the best image describing one’s doctoral research. The task was to submit a single image and 300 word abstract that visualizes and describes the goals of a persons doctoral research.