LecoS ported to QGIS3

QGIS remains my go-to default QGIS software and I have contributed some python plugins to it in the past. These include the LecoS plugin, which has been cited 22 times so far and still appears to be widely used by researchers and practitioner alike [I do remember helping out with a workshop in Nairobi quite a while back, where everybody appeared to know the plugin].

However because of other commitments (writing up my PhD thesis at the moment) I am unable to further develop this neat little piece of software. Furthermore I programmed LecoS mainly for my own use in the past, while these days I would probably use the excellent and comprehensive landscapemetrics R-package. Nevertheless LecoS might still be useful for those people without coding knowledge and unwilling to apply a separate piece of software (Fragstats).

I can now announce that LecoS has finally been ported to QGIS 3. This can almost entirely be credited to Caio Hamamura, who led the code restructuring from QGIS2 to QGIS3. The new LecoS version 3.0 for QGIS3 should already be available from the QGIS plugin server. Thanks Caio!

Martin Jung
Martin Jung
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