PhD research image prize

I won a prize :-)
In this years Festival of Doctoral research at the University of Sussex I won the runner-up prize for the best image describing one’s doctoral research. The task was to submit a single image and 300 word abstract that visualizes and describes the goals of a persons doctoral research.

Picture seen above (click here for larger version). Here is the accompanying description:

Title: Going back in time with satellites to assist biodiversity conservation

In my PhD I investigate how past land changes continue to affect local biodiversity. The above pictures were created from multiple satellite images (courtesy of the U.S. Geological Survey) and depict parts of the Roneam Daun Sam Wildlife sanctuary near the border (red line) of Thailand and Cambodia. In 2003 the sanctuary was reported to still have over 39 961 hectares of intact forest. Yet, on the 22nd of February 2018 the sanctuary has been officially dissolved by Cambodian royal degree owing to centuries of illegal timber harvesting. While the sanctuary has been ineffective in protecting its forest, it is unclear how strongly biodiversity in the area was and continues to be affected by these land changes. In my research I apply statistical models to link both satellite and local biodiversity survey data in order to quantify the magnitude of these changes in Cambodia and other areas globally.

Martin Jung
Martin Jung
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