LateX template for Sussex PhD theses

This is a rather short post informing anyone who might read this post and is likely a Sussex PhD student (and presumably found this blog via google, hello google bot :-) ), that I created an unofficial template for Sussex PhD students.

Testing multilevel Bayesian models with ordered categorical predictors

Why argue for Bayesian models? Most researchers and data scientists have specific - domain - knowledge about the subject they analyse data for. In a Bayesian analysis framework this knowledge can be refereed to as Prior and the effect und uncertainty surrounding this.

New PhD paper - Pairwise differences in photosynthetic activity

I can now happily announce that the first chapter of my PhD has been accepted and is going to be published in the Journal Ecography. In this piece I investigated whether pairwise compositional differences between species assemblages (so in the identity and amount of species found in a given place and time) can be explained by a dissimilarity in remotely-sensed vegetation index.